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How We Survive

Fierce, feminist, and fulfilling poetry.

A poetry collective featuring

Carrie Rudzinski and Olivia Hall

Olivia Hall and Carrie Rudzinski perform a poem on stage.
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Carrie and Olivia's new show Hysterical just won

  • Best New Aotearoa Play at the 2022 Wellington Theatre Awards

  • Outstanding Performance Poetry at the 2022 Auckland Fringe.

For show information, check out Tour Dates & Tickets

Read 'Body Is Dangerous' from Hysterical on The Spinoff right here

IN THE PRESS - Hysterical

"It’s a deeply raw, vulnerable show. In places the poets are near tears, fury and hurt near the surface. But Hall and Rudzinski are also very funny (because, newsflash, women are hilarious). They flick through sarcasm, wit, absurdity, asking us to eye-roll our way through the dumpster fire with them. "

"Hysterical will be awesome for educating and inspiring young audiences, engaging in feminist discussion through performance poetry that is still tender and empowering."

"We are among friends; in this safe space, we are taken to some places that make us laugh, make us wonder, and make us a little angry. As they say, “If you’re not hysterical, then you should be!” 

- Theatreview Hamilton

- Flat City Field Notes

- Theatreview Wellington

IN THE PRESS - How We Survive

"If you’ve ever wanted to feel empowered, heartbroken, and loved all at once, then Olivia Hall and Carrie Rudzinski‘s How We Survive is the show for you!"

"Successfully falling short of perfection, Hall and Rudzinski have created a near-masterpiece of imperfection – a window into the specific worlds of two women, raw flaws on show, unabashed and rightfully unapologetic."

"How We Survive is more than simply polemic or a cry for social justice.The poems, often presented in shared duet, are laced with humour, healing, tenderness, nurture, love, loss, insight, wisdom and common sense."

- 13th Floor

- Theatre Scenes

- Manawatu Standard



Carrie and Olivia deliver powerful performances and engaging writing workshops in schools across Aotearoa! 


Want to know more about bringing How We Survive to your school or University?


Download our 2022 Press Kit here for more info:

“The show was very effective, it kept my interest the whole time. At times I even welled up or got chills down my back, it was that powerful… Hearing these important messages from two women who can be described as role models was an important thing I’m glad I got to witness.”

- Student at Massey University


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